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Oatman Farms’ Lucky Seven Credo
Our food is rooted in:  
1.  Family Farming and Community 
Preserving the farming lifestyle and serving our community.We support family farms, farmers, and the surrounding community, starting with our own historic farm, Oatman Flats Ranch, and our community within the Great Bend of the Gila River. We are on a mission to preserve the best of Arizona’s agricultural traditions and cowboy culture. Our goal is to reconnect people to their food and where it comes from. We are dedicated to building a resilient, local, regenerative food system for the sake of our community, where farmers earn enough profit to farm according to their consciences and care for their families and land.   
2.  Health, Nutrition and Wellness 
Modern day, processed foods, are killing us. We rebuild food products from the ground up by working with Mother Nature to restore health, nutrition, and wellness to our food systems.We subscribe to the philosophy that food is medicine. That’s why wemake foods with Regenerative Organic Certified® and heirloom ingredients, focusing on whole grains, fiber, and sourdough fermentation.   
3.  Land Stewardship 
We are obligated to be good stewards of the land, to pass to future generations an earth better than we found it.We farm holistically with a mindset of regenerating natural resources rather than extracting them. We view ourselves as a part of the greater ecosystem, playing a crucial role in the development and protection of the land. 
4.  Regenerative and Organic Farming Practices 
We are pioneering regenerative agriculture in hot and dry climates.Our farm, Oatman Flats Ranch, is the first Regenerative Organic Certified® farm in the American Southwest. We are committed to soil health, animal welfare, and social fairness. We embrace farming practices that promote soil and ecosystem health, including cover crops, crop rotation, no/minimal tillage, biodiversity, holistic grazing, and no chemicals.  
5.  Arizona’s Heirloom Crops 
Cultivating native, heirloom, and drought-tolerant crops. Our farm is rich in history and is located in the Great Bend of the Gila River, which has been an ancient crossroads for human habitation, travel, and worship. We’re bringing back the uniquely delicious and diverse flavors of the Sonoran Desert by growing White Sonora wheat, wild mesquite, agave, and other native crops.   
6.  Saving Water and Rebuilding the Water Cycle  
Every pound of our low water-consuming heirloom wheat helps us conserve approximately 700-gallons of water in the Gila River aquifer.This is compared to other commodity crops grown in our region like corn, alfalfa, and cotton. With an average rainfall of less than five inches annually, and devastating climate change, rebuilding our water cycle is crucial to reversing the desertification of our land. We are addressing the root causes of a broken water cycle through conscious crop selection and regenerative farming practices.  
7.  Radical Transparency 
We are dedicated to radical transparency and believe there should be more accountability and honesty within our food systems.  Consumers have the right to know where their food comes from, how and where it is made, its carbon footprint, and how it impacts their health. We strive to educate customers about the true cost of putting food on their tables. All our packaged foods leverage technology that puts traceability and transparency into the hands of our customers.