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Cinnamon & Raisin

Organic, Stone-Milled Whole Grain

Made with White Sonora, Skagit 1109, Vietnamese Cinnamon, and California Raisins. Each bite brings the delightful combination of warm cinnamon—with its enticing, aromatic notes—and rich, sweet, yet mildly tart raisins. Enjoy with your favorite butter for breakfast or throughout the day as a wholesome snack. 

44g Whole Grains   •   25% RDV Fiber

Ingredients: Organic 97% Whole Wheat Flour, Organic Raisins, Organic Sourdough* (Fermented Organic Rye Flour, Salt), Sea Salt, Organic Demerara Sugar, Organic Vietnamese Cinnamon, Organic Malted Barley Flour*, Yeast Packet* (Yeast, sorbitan monostearate, ascorbic acid). *Dried   

Contains: Wheat. Processed in a facility that uses milk, fish, eggs, tree nuts and soy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Justin Mokoena
A Heavy Loaf

This is a substantial loaf, solid, not very sweet. The directions were accurate except for the misprint on the pouch which asked for a 9x15 loaf pan instead of 9x5. If you like sourdough, you might enjoy this, but I must point out, when I went to their website, every one of their offerings was sold out.

Jolayemi Oluwakemi
Fun and easy to make, prefer another flavor over cinnamon-raisin

I am no bread pro, but even I dream of warm bread and butter for lunch or a snack. Thankfully, this bread mix is easy enough for even a newbie like me and does result in a bread with a great texture!The pros:- Clear directions and not overly complicated- Only ingredient not included is water- The bread had a wonderful texture, especially when warm; harder crust but soft on the inside; more dense than I expected- USDA organic (always a plus!)The cons:- Time consuming; plan on at least 18-20 hrs from start to finish (although most is just waiting for the bread to rise)- Honestly did not really like the cinnamon raisins with the sourdough; I think a little sweetness would have gone along with the raisin taste a lot better. I would recommend a more savory flavor over this one, unless you absolutely adore cinnamon raisin.Overall, this was a fun experience and resulted in a tasty bread. Would love to try some of their other flavors!

Silas Kunde
The easiest way to make decent sourdough ever

This is for the cinnamon raisin version AND the bluebeard versionThis is not going to be a sourdough you would write grandma about. But it *is* really good! The real trick here is how easy it is. This bag and some water is all you need. I made mine is a cast iron dutch oven using the instructions in the listing. It was pretty easy and tasted really nice!Again - this is insanely easy to do and you get a decent sourdough out of it.

Carmel Reichel
Takes time!!

Hubby decided he wanted sourdough bread so being a dutiful wife I went straight to Amazon 😂 organic, cinnamon and raisin - what’s not to like.DEAR LORD. Almost 24 hours to make this beauty. 12-15 hours proving. Folding. Resting some more. Folding some more. Another 90 minute proving. Over an hour baking. He had better like it. Especially as I have the other flavors on the way……!!

Don Atukwase
Can Be Made in the Bread Maker, Quick and Good

Organic Sourdough Bread Mix, Whole Grain Wheat Flour (Cinnamon-Raisin, 1 Pack)I have ordered 3 of this brand’s sourdough bread mixes. The mixes are made to be made from mixing and letting it rise. It is a very simple recipe. I have made mine in my bread maker however because it is less work and takes way less time. The first time that I made a loaf, I made it on the sourdough cycle but it over rose it which resulted in the loaf falling. I have since made the bread mixes on the regular white loaf cycle which has turned out really well.The Cinnamon-Raisin smells delicious right out of the bag. The mix isn’t the most flavorful that I’ve baked but it is really good. There is nothing else like fresh baked bread.⛵⚓Seas the Day⚓⛵