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Skagit 1109 & White Sonora

Organic, Stone-Milled Whole Grain

This loaf combines wheats that originated in two regions: the Northwest and Southwest. We blend these beautiful wheats because White Sonora’s lighter, creamy wheat allows us to showcase the bolder flavors of Skagit 1109. Enjoy with butter or a soft buttery olive oil, with marmalade or jam, or to a make a delicious sandwich.

45g Whole Grains   •   25% RDV Fiber

Ingredients: Organic 97% Whole Wheat Flour, Organic Sourdough* (Fermented Organic Rye Flour, Salt), Sea Salt, Organic Malted Barley Flour*, Yeast Packet* (Yeast, sorbitan monostearate, ascorbic acid). *Dried   

Contains: Wheat. Processed in a facility that uses milk, fish, eggs, tree nuts and soy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Bahadur Guha
Making tasty sourdough bread at home

Among all breads, sourdough is my favorite. However it is hard to make by myself, so I never tried to make it at home, and just get from store. I’m so glad to get this mix, which is exactly what I would expect. It is organic and whole grain. I like the texture and taste of sourdough bread made from all wheat flour, so this is just perfect. It has clear instructions. It takes time, but procedure is pretty straightforward, and most of time is just waiting, so I’d say it is simple to make. This is the first sourdough bread I’ve ever made. It turned out to be very successful, super tasty. Thanks to the bread mix, making it so easy to make sourdough bread at home.

Cortney Schuppe
Not for ht bread maker

My oven went out the last week and it requires a very expensive repair and I saw this sitting in my pantry and figured I'd give it a go. There weren't any bread maker instructions but I thought I could, in theory, try this in my bread maker. I make sourdough quite a bit from scratch and I knew no matter what this would not be the same.I am not sure what I messed up on my bread maker settings but this didn't really turn out, though I was able to taste some of the cooked edges and it was pretty good. I would probably get this again to try to attempt in my oven.

Linnea Kuhlman
whole wheat flour, good taste

I use this instead of regular flour. It is easy to make and taste good. Recommend.

Gabriella Nayebare
Whole wheat sour dough bread mix

The first thing I noticed about this mix was it seemed like it was more of a whole wheat mix. It tasted more like a whole wheat bread dough than it did sourdough. It did taste very good. It was an easy mix to work with. I would have liked for it to have had bread machine directions as well. I was hoping to use my bread machine with this mix but there were no directions. You must start making this bread the night before, as it needs to rise overnight, or 12 to 15 hours. After it rises, you need to punch it down and knead it just a little bit before you put it in the loaf pan. This bread will then bake for an hour and a half. The bread looks good and does taste very good. The color and texture of this bread is more of a whole wheat look and taste. I think overall you’ll be very happy with the spread but I also warn you it will not resemble much of a sourdough look or feel.

Sumayyah Abosede
Amazing quality; so yummy

This bread is so good! It is very dense; if you typically eat white processed bread this may not be your jam. But if you like whole grain, dense, hearty breads this is definitely a package worth trying. The price on this seems like it is high but when I compared it to the take and bake product I typically buy, the price is in-line. This also has a crazy 7 grams of fiber whereas my typical loaf has 3.This is a beautiful artisanal looking loaf that made me feel like a bread baking rockstar!!! I was disappointed that there is not more of a sourdough flavor, but the bread is still very yummy.I mixed the dough at 8pm and left it covered on my counter overnight. (2 cups water, hand stir. No special equipment needed!!) The next day, mid-day I plopped it out and left it for its 2nd rise in a towel lined bowl (something I have never done; another yeast baking accomplishment!!) I baked the loaf in my cast iron dutch oven and was so pleased with the final result.I used water, a piece of parchment paper and a bit of flour for dusting the towel. The only equipment required is a loaf pan or dutch oven for baking. YUMM.